Add-on Mini Dog Tag Charm

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Add as many mini dog tag charms to your piece as you need. These sweet little charms are stamped by hand, not laser engraved.  Laser engraving is done by a computer without flaw.  These are made by using a letter punch.  The letter punch is placed on the charm and softly struck with a hammer to leave an impression.  You might notice some letters are slightly deeper than others, no two pieces will ever be identical because they're completely handmade. 

These are made using the brush script shown. These tags can fit up to 7 letters when they're all lowercase as shown. If you'd like the first letter uppercase they can fit 6. 

Checkout Instructions - Make sure the necklace is in your card and add this add-on with the name you need stamped.  If you need more than one tag, keep adding one at a time with the names to avoid confusion.  If you are checking out with multiple necklaces, leave detailed instructions in your cart when checking out to avoid production delays.