Meet Heatherly

Hello Beautiful, I'm Heather. I'm a born and raised Long Islander now living in North Carolina. I'm a jewelry addict myself (they say the first step is admitting you have a problem) but I'm recently reformed (just kidding). I take accessories super seriously because they're portable, sparkly, personality and style enhancers. You can wear the same shirt 357 different ways if you change your accessories.

I love creating new designs, especially with bright, bold colors.  I can't imagine a life in which I don't create something with my hands. When they said, 'diamonds are a girl's best friend', they certainly weren't thinking of us women who can't spend thousands on jewelry. But who said you can't look just as stunning with faux? I'm a huge fan of the faux movement!

Wear what you want, with whatever outfit you want for a price you can afford. I hope you find something you can't live without.