Jewelry Care

 Heatherly Jewelry is fashion jewelry.  Fashion jewelry is made of base metals (such as brass) and can be plated in precious metal and contains semi-precious or faux jewels.  Unlike fine jewelry that is solid precious metal and precious jewels, fashion is much more affordable, and in many cases can look as good as fine.  Heatherly Jewelry is made of a brass base (which is free of Lead and Nickel) that has been plated in your choice of precious metals; 14k gold, 14k rose gold or sterling silver.  Some pieces are offered to upgrade to gold filled or solid sterling for chains, etc. Most post earrings are made with a surgical steel post.  Please read individual items description for details. 

If you’re good to your jewelry, your jewelry will be good to you and will last many years still looking great.  To properly care for your jewelry, follow the below Do’s & Don’ts of Jewelry Care Guide.  Keep in mind that even precious metals tarnish, especially rose gold and Sterling.  Your body’s PH will affect how much and how soon your jewelry will tarnish.  There is no avoiding this natural process altogether but caring for your jewelry will slow it down.  Luckily cleaning your jewelry is quite easy and requires no unsafe chemicals.

Before wearing pierced earrings for the first time, be sure to clean the post or hook with some rubbing alcohol.  You can use a cotton swab or cotton ball and this will remove any debris or residue from the soldering and plating process which can cause skin irritation.  You can also dip the part going through your ear in a triple antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin.  


  • Store in a small airtight bag or jewelry box when not in use
  • Apply lotion, makeup and spray perfume before putting on
  • Clean it with a soft jewelry cloth but don’t rub too vigorously or you could wear down the plating
  • When wearing earrings for the first time, don’t forget to wipe down the post or hook with rubbing alcohol. There might be residue left on it from the manufacturing process that could irritate sensitive skin.  This is a good practice when buying any earrings.


  • Wear in water
  • Wear to bed
  • Leave in extreme hot or cold temperatures