Crystal Colors

Heatherly Jewelry is handmade to order. Below is a list of crystal colors offered in various shapes and sizes. Not all colors are available in all shapes. 

I'm working on adding photographs of all colors, shapes and sizes with labels. This is a work in progress.

14x10mm Pear Crystal Rhinestones

Swarovski and Preciosa crystals shown in the colors in stock. This is a combination of standard rhinestone crystals with a foiled back which makes for a sparkly crystal, and lacquer coated. Lacquer coated crystals are clear and the color comes from a lacquer applied to the back. These are less sparkly due the backs being unfoiled. Crystal clear is totally transparent.

*Please note, every effort is made to maintain an updated color chart but this is not a guarantee that all the colors shown are currently in stock. Colors are discontinued and sometimes they run out before they're removed.

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